Micro irrigation of flowerbeds

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A discreet system that will keep your plants healthy at all times.

Micro-irrigation is the ideal solution to keep your flowerbeds at their best while being as discreet as possible. The programming of the automated system allows a constant watering cycle which will finally allow you to stop worrying about the health of your flowers. We will be able to evaluate the type of micro-irrigation required according to the type of plants and the type of soil while taking care to maintain a neat aesthetic. Request a quote right now!




Drip irrigation provides minimal but constant watering to plants while being inconspicuous. In addition, it is possible to install a drizzle system for larger beds as shown in the image below.


It is always difficult to maintain consistency from the beginning to the end of the summer when watering the plants in our garden. Therefore, we offer the installation of an automated micro irrigation system for any type of garden.

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